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Chicago Urban Explorers

Into Abandoned & Decaying Realms

June 21st, 2009

South Side Urbex @ 11:23 pm

Location: Home
Mood: creative creative

[info]stormdog and I had been planning on taking a trip to Detroit to see Michigan Central Station over the weekend. Unfortunately news that it is currently heavily under guard for some reason deep-sixed our trip. So instead, we headed for the south side of Chicago to look at what we think is an abandoned concrete mill. Photos, as always, are on my Flickr page.

I've posted some highlights behind the cut.Collapse )

February 23rd, 2009

Industrial Locations Sought @ 04:02 am

In keeping with my rules, please E-Mail me if you have any recommendations for industrial locations.

I'm working on a steampunk/cybergoth type shoot and I'm seeking some good backdrops to use. This can be an old factory, warehouse, train trestle, etc. with lots of cool textures. Active facilities are ok, please include the business name and any info (like a phone number) with your information.

There are a few places I have in mind but I'd like to use several locations...and sometimes someone knows of a place that no one else does.

Please include as much information as possible with your email (things like accessibility, the presence of security or feral animals, etc.)

Thanks for your help! I may have a couple of spots open for photographers and I DEFINITELY have room for models (time for photos) if anyone's interested in participating.

December 4th, 2008

(no subject) @ 05:13 pm


hey well im gonna be in chicago next week and i wanted to go to some of these abandoned places around chicago. im looking for some people to go with cause i dont want to go alone.. well send me an email on myspace if you're up for it http://www.myspace.com/digitalblissphotography



November 25th, 2008

(no subject) @ 03:00 pm

Cross-posted from my livejournal.

On November 16th, I went out to Dixmoor, IL, one of the southwest suburbs of Chicago, to check out an abandoned, coal-fired power plant with stormdog  and Eric, my source for all things related to Chicago trivia. I had gotten wind of the site from a member of the Chicago Urban Exploration Meetup Group, which is a handy resource for anyone in the area.

I took a lot of pictures, which are all posted on my Flickr page. It's an amazing site, but we didn't get to look at as much of it as we wanted for lack of safety equipment. Several pieces of floor were missing from the steel catwalks that basically turn the place into a giant, three-dimensional maze, so we thought it would be best not to explore them without safety equipment. Anyway, here are some highlights of the trip.

Pictures behind the cut...Collapse )

I want to go back in the spring when it's warmer and bring some safety equipment so we can try getting into some of the catwalks that have missing pieces of floor. I also think that some of the spaces on the main floor of the building would be great sets for  a steampunk photo shoot, if we could figure out how to address issues like getting in lights and electricity to power them, care of costumes, and safety (it's not the greatest of neighborhoods).

October 16th, 2008

Finally... @ 10:55 am

Location: Work
Mood: creative creative

Cross-posted from abandonedplaces. I finally made it out to take some pictures a couple weeks ago. I've posted highlights on my personal journal, and all my photos are here:

Gary Post Office

Lobby view from a customer service window.

More...Collapse )
Gary City Methodist

The sanctuary.

More...Collapse )
Gary Union Station

Union Station

More...Collapse )
Chicago Edgewater Medical Center (This site looks active now - there was a construction crew. Does anyone know what's up and how to get in?)

Hospital exterior.

Hospital exterior from the alley.

Notice! Zone of Quiet! It sounds like a D&D spell.


September 5th, 2008

Abandoned US Steel Southworks site @ 09:36 am

Mood: excited excited
Music: Daysleeper - Rainy Day

Last weekend, I went to explore the US Steel Southworks site. I knew that the area was surrounded by fences, so I spent a couple of days carefully looking over satellite photos. While fences barely show up on them, you can see their shadows. After a while, I thought I saw a couple of places where I could get through. Armed with this knowledge, I headed to the South Chicago neighborhood.

Unfortunately, when I got there, I discovered that all of the gaps were blocked off due to the Route 41 relocation project. I looked around for a bit and found a hole in the fence. I thought about trying to sneak through it, but there was a construction crew working nearby, so I decided that it was better to be safe then sorry.

Still, I wasn't content to leave empty-handed, so I decided to walk along the site's boundaries and see if I could take some pictures though the fence. It wasn't quite as cool as actually being there, but all things considered, I was actually pretty pleased with the results.

Just in case you're wondering, I should tell you that while South Chicago isn't quite as bad as some of the other South Side neighborhoods, it's still not exactly safe. If you want to explore the Southworks site, I suggest you do it with a group. Ultimately, though, it's all about your comfort level. If you can't handle potentially stressful situations, explore somewhere else.

As with my last post, I put my pictures in a slide show. The background song is "Rainy Day" by Daysleeper. You can see individual photos here.



May 21st, 2008

Spring Cleaning @ 01:49 am

I've better organized my PhotoBucket so if there are broken images here that you'd like to see, please let me know and I'll fix 'em. (trying to avoid the massive editing I'd otherwise do)


May 16th, 2008

Gary, IN @ 10:37 pm

Tomorrow is "Stop Trashing Gary" day. Groups are going around picking up litter, cleaning up graf and helping board up various homes, etc.

I'll be out and about taking photos there so I'll likely meet some of these groups of people through the day.

I'm amazed at the hope some people are able to maintain among such widespread destruction and abandonment there. More power to them.

February 26th, 2008

can anyone help me out? @ 12:28 am

hello i was wondering if anyone knows locations of abandoned buildings and factories around chicago. i would really like to explore and take photographs

thanks everyone :)

February 23rd, 2008

Bloomingdale Trail @ 08:01 pm

Location: Palatine, IL

Back in the fall, I explored Bloomingdale Trail, an abandoned rail line that turns through WIcker Park and Humboldt Park on an elevated embankment. You wouldn't be able to find views like that anywhere else.

I got on near the the intersection of Leavitt Street and Milwaukee Avenue. I had to climb over the fence, which, to my unpleasant surprise, turned out to be tipped with sharp protrusions. I got several small cuts on both of my hands and my pants were torn in several places. Nothing too bad, but still, rather bothersome. After I bandaged the cuts, I headed west, pausing every once in a while to take pictures. When I reached Kennedy Expressway, I saw another fence blocking my way. This one was fairly tall and fairly flimsy, so I decided not to take my chances and headed back. I got off near Damen, where a portion of the embankment was turned into a mini-garden by the residents of the nearby condominium. I followed a rock-lined pathway to a staircase that led to a locked gate. Of course, since I was on the other side, I simply opened it and went on my merry way.


Chicago Urban Explorers

Into Abandoned & Decaying Realms