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Chicago Urban Explorers

Into Abandoned & Decaying Realms

Chicago Area Urban Explorers
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Welcome to the community for Chicago area urban explorers. This is a place to network with other explorers and share photos and experiences. While most urban explorers already know these rules and follow them enthusiastically, I still ask that you please follow the rules of this community:

- NO DRAMA ALLOWED! Flaming, harassing, stalking or bickering between members will result in being suspended, then banned from the community.

- Please try to limit the image content to locations in the greater Chicagoland area...furthest boundaries can stretch as far as Kankakee or Peoria (and surrounding towns), Rockford (and surrounding suburbs), Milwaukee (and surrounding suburbs), northwest Indiana UP TO and including South Bend and following along the lakeshore up to Benton Harbor, MI.

- A once-in-a-while or personal interest post from elsewhere is ok, especially if you're from the Chicagoland area and want to share some fave photos from a vacation or road trip you might have taken.

- Rural photos, cemetery photos and other greater Chicagoland locations that fall under the broader "exploration" realm for UrbEx-ers are welcome here.

- Use caution when posting details about how to gain access to a site. I'd prefer that posts be a bit more vague, such as "we entered through an open window/door" as opposed to "the sixth window to the left of the emergency exit is the easiest way to get in."

- Details regarding the site itself, such as security, alarms, etc. is welcome; important safety issues are encouraged (e.g. the floors are too rotted to safely walk on above the third floor, wear a respirator because of the mold there, etc.).

- You may list directions to the general area if someone asks, but please refrain from requesting or listing a specific address. You may list a general location (e.g. "Far South Side" or "in the general vicinity of this major intersection") but please keep it as vague as possible. Basically, If you can't Google-search it and find it with the information given, then you need to find it on your own. There are people out there who aren't as respectful of locations as we are, so let's do our part to protect the places we explore from unnecessary vandalism or arson.

- Listing the real name of a location (e.g. Galaxy Theater) should be done at your discretion. If you feel it is an unsafe location for fellow explorers or too susceptible to local vandals, please use a fictitious name...and if it's really unsafe, PLEASE let us know!

- Please use caution when displaying any items "salvaged" from UrbEx sites.

- You may post a general announcement for urban exploration outings or looking for folks to join you for a road trip, but ALL specific planning must be done PRIVATELY, OFF-LJ.

- Posts with more than two images, large images and ALL images with questionable material should be placed under an LJ-CUT (see the FAQs section if you don't know how to do this).

- Locations that have been demolished can be discussed in greater detail since there's nothing left to observe. Renovated, restored or overhauled locations should still be protected at the poster's discretion.

"Take only photographs, leave only footprints in the dust."
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